What can you do in Santorini during your vacation

What can you do in Santorini during your vacation

Find Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03, call us on 694 457 7918 and take a Santorini private tour. Santorini is an island different from the others. The existence of the Volcano and its amazing landscape have shaped its character.

The activities that one can look for during one’s stay in Santorini are many and varied. Among the first things that the visitor of the island should definitely do is a sea excursion to the Caldera and of course to see the volcano.

Santorini activities

The routes on the paths that exist in Santorini are excellent and are offered for endless hiking. Either on the route from Fira to Oia at the eyebrow of the Caldera, or in the other areas of the island.

In Santorini, of course, there is no lack of opportunities for water sports on the beaches of the island. While some areas due to favorable winds are ideal for wind surfing. In Santorini you can also dive in the interesting seabed that the volcano has formed with its action.

The winemaking history of the island is interesting for the visitors of Santorini that one can discover in the visitable wineries of the island. Which can be combined with wine tastings from the local vineyard with so many peculiarities but also tastings of local products.

In Santorini throughout the summer are organized many exhibitions, concerts and festivals that will surely catch your attention. There are many cultural activities that you can combine with your visit to the important archeological sites of Santorini and its museums.

If none of this excites you then you can just enjoy the nightlife, live music, karaoke nights or just the music and atmosphere at the beach bars of the island, relaxing with your friends or a book, enjoying the summer that in Santorini as in all the Greek islands is wonderful.

Your ideal wedding in Santorini

For many years Santorini was a destination after marriage. It was a destination that the couple chose for their honeymoon. Slowly some people thought why not choose Santorini for the performance of the sacrament and then continue directly to the honeymoon. This became fashionable, not only for Greeks, but also for brides-to-be from all over the world.

Couples from China, Australia, India, America, well we are not talking about co-religious Russia, they choose Santorini as the place of their Dream Wedding. And they are right Santorini is the ideal place to live your wedding day.

Santorini wedding

Santorini is ideal for religious and civil weddings. There is all the infrastructure and the appropriate services. There is an ideal hotel potential to accommodate you and your wedding guests. There is everything. All services for the Wedding, for the decoration, the photography, the catering but also the entertainment.

In Santorini there are all the services related to Marriage, but there is also a wedding planning office that can take care of your wedding and offer you the best solutions in a complete package that will loosen your hands and relieve you of stress. Whatever you choose, Santorini is the most wonderful decor that you could connect with the memories of your Wedding.

The landscapes of Santorini are very important for the photos after your Wedding. Santorini is a place where a good photographer really takes his creativity to the next level. There are incredible places all over Santorini where newlyweds can be photographed after their wedding and these photos will remind them forever of this special day.

Sunrise in Perissa

I have seen the Sunrise in Santorini several times from different parts of the island. The first years I visited Santorini at sunrise was an interesting spectacle that complemented the overnight stay just before going to bed. No reason for photos.

In recent years the sunrise has become a nice way to start my day in Santorini. Of course the beginning is always photographic. This is my favorite sunrise in Santorini. On the beach of Perissa.

The clouds have left only a small gap on the horizon, right where the Sun rises above Anafi. A game with the light, the Anafi, the clouds, the water and the black sand of Santorini.

Flowers on the path to Kouloumpos

Santorini does not stop surprising the visitor no matter how many times he visits it, whatever season of the year he visits it. You walk around Santorini and you see all this volcanic landscape, the black and red rocks, the pumice a bare landscape and you enter the path that leads to the beach of Kouloumpos and is full of plants, trees and flowers.

Flowers planted on dry stones, wild flowers and flowering trees. Most walkers do not even notice them, some even resent that the thorns and all kinds of plants have drowned the path and make the descent difficult if you are in flip flops and swimsuits. But this multicolor is there, all these flowers and they only ask for a little of your time, to bend down to observe them, to smell them, to photograph them.

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