Where to hide your spare keys?

Where to hide your spare keys?

Do you want a place to hide your spare keys in case you get locked –portes asfaleias– out of your house?If Mr. Bean wanted to hide the extra keys to his house, he probably had them under the rug or under the flowerpot. But you do not need to imitate him as much as you find him adorable. You can take lessons from the best, keys hidden from the most famous spy of all time, James Bond, and find smarter and above all suspicion points to safely store your extra keys without risking being locked out of your home.

There is often a need to leave a key somewhere near the house, either because a family member wants to enter or to have an extra key in case you are locked out of the house. The first point that all… unwanted guests will look at is under the rug on the front door – which is why it should be the last place you hide your key. We give you some ideas that you probably have not thought of and will not think of anyone else to look for there.

A very good hiding place for your keys is between two bricks. See here 8 sure hiding places for your money and jewelry!

Between two bricks

Yes, we are all looking for perfection in the construction of our house, but you can take advantage of some small … imperfections, such as a small slit in your wall to hide an extra pair of keys. Just make sure the key fits snugly so that you can easily remove it in case of need and also that it is indistinguishable to the naked eye.

Hide the melodies

What do burglars hate? But of course the noise! So we suggest you take advantage of this weakness and hide your keys among the metal pipes of a melody that you can hang at your entrance. In order to make it even more difficult for the potential violators of your house, all you have to do is hang other keys on it which – obviously – will not open the door of your house.
Make a melody with keys for your entrance, making sure to include in this your backup pair.

To the neighbor

Neighbors are not only good at lending you sugar when you run out of it! Conversely, if you maintain a good relationship with them, they can be a great hiding place for your backup keys – and of course, you can do the same for them! Make sure you trust them and that you can contact them at any time or emergency because you do want them to be there at 2 am. So do not choose that neighbor who is constantly abroad

In the car

There are various magnetic key chains on the market in which you can place your spare keys. By attaching the key case to your car (see the relevant video below), you will be sure that no one else – except you – will find your keys! Alternatively, you can place them in an emergency key case – which you have certainly encountered in various public buildings next to the fire nest – with which a special hammer is available to break the glass if necessary. All you have to do is place the case somewhere near the entrance of your house and keep (always) the special hammer with you!


Water sprinkler

The only sure thing is that no one will think that the sprayer is hiding something. It is an exact replica of real sprayers, you will hide your key and put it in the garden. It has enough space to put some other valuable item or even money.


Most gardens are full of stones anyway, so if you can find a plastic stone this would be great. Get a small pill bottle and glue its top onto the lid. Insert your key and leave it at a specific point in the yard, among other things.


Your outdoor thermometer can also be a key case and at the same time it functions as a real thermometer. Put it outside your house, keep your keys inside and see the temperature knowing that you are safe in case you are locked out of your house.

Pine cone

You need a bottle of pills and a pine cone. Stick the pine cone on the back of the bottle, open the bottle, put your key in and “bury” it in the soil leaving the pine cone protruding and it seems that it accidentally fell there. Make sure that the pine cone has a distinctive characteristic that only you know. This way you will not spend hours looking for your spare key in the garden.

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