All you need to know about the iPhone 12

All you need to know about the iPhone 12

Apple is know to release smartphones  – thikes kiniton – every year. This means that the new iPhone 12 is going to be in our hands in the next few months. Just having announced and got into the market with the new iPhone SE model, Apple is coming up with another smartphone which is the new iPhone 12.

All you need to know about the iPhone 12 is in this article and we know that you are dying to find out more about the newest Apple smartphone. Keep reading to explore the specs, price, battery life and all you need to know about the iPhone 12 smartphone.


iPhone 12 Release date and Price

We do not have any official announcements concerning the release date of the new iPhone 12 by Apple. What we know is that it will probably be around the first weeks of September, as almost every other Apple model was released at that time of the year. We might get a reveal of the design and specs at that time too.

The only thing we can tell you is that we can not be sure about the standard day that the iPhone 12 will be released because all we have until now are speculations and not official clues coming from Apple.

As far as the price is concerned, the new iPhone 12 will depend on the memory capacity as always. There are going to be 128 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB models so the prices will be formed accordingly. Here is a sample of the iPhone 12 price leaks:

Design and Display

Clues about the design of the new iPhone could not be missing from all you need to know about the iPhone 12. There will probably be four sizes that you can choose from.

  1. The basic iPhone 12
  2. The iPhone 12 Max
  3. The iPhone 12 Pro
  4. The iPhone 12 Pro Max

The difference can be found at the display which varies from 5.4 inches and goes up to a massive 6.7 inch display on the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

About the frame, it will probably be metallic with a glass back like on the iPhone 8 and forward. It is mentioned though that the edges of the new smartphone will be more square rather than round and they will be made of stainless steel and flat screens.

The notch at the top of the phone will be significantly smaller, especially if the camera will be built in the screen.


Colour options for iPhone 12

The latest iPhone models were released in a variety of colours, from a bright red to a solid black and a green iPhone 11. This time, there are rumours about a navy blue colour that could make its first show n an iPhone.

The midnight green iPhone 11 colour, was sold out pretty quickly when the latest model was released, so we assume that Apple could keep it at this year’s line up too. The classic Silver, Gold and Space grey models were put on the iPhone 11, but we do not have any intel concerning their return on the newest model.

We can say that we are expecting a pastel range of colours on the iPhone 12 because they really caught the consumers’ eyes on the iPhone 11 last year. Judging from the latter model, the colours could be Green,, Yellow, Red, White and Black.

Specs of iPhone 12

If the iPhone 12 will get a 5G antenna it means that the consumers will enjoy a longer battery life on their iPhone and a higher power. We would love to see a better battery capacity on the newest model and I think that every iPhone user out there supports our statement too!

The iPhone 12 Pro and Max model RAM is also going to be upgraded to a 6 GB instead of a 4 GB RAM on the previous models and on the basic iPhone 12.

The chipset is going to be an A14 Bionic leaked benchmark which is ahead of the Snapdragon 865, which can be found in most Android phones of 2020.

Concerning the iPhone 12 storage capacity, it is going to be 128 GB and 256 GB on the iPhone 12 and Max and iPhone Pro 12 and Pro Max will also be available with a 512 GB memory. Which if you ask us is a lot!


It is possible that the iPhone 12 camera will be upgraded too. We could see a screen-built-in camera which will make this model the most expensive iPhone of all times. Because of this feature it is possible that we will forget about the face ID feature.

This means that a LiDAR scanner might be included on the phones. On the basic iPhone and the iPhone 12 Max, we could see 2 cameras and exclude the LiDAR scanner.

A sketch of the iPhone 12 that was leaked, shows four lenses at the back at the iPhone which resembles the iPhone 11. Another awesome feature that is claimed to be on the new iPhone is a rear 3D facing camera which is in development.


As far as the software is concerned, we are going to see a massive upgrade as we are waiting for the iOS 14. This new software could also be available at your own existing iPhone but we are not certain about it.

We also heard rumours about the iMessage, which will be upgraded and it will support the tagging (@) of people in group chats like we have already seen in other platforms. There could also be an option to delete a message right after you have sent it.

5G capability

The new iPhone 12 will probable support 5G which is everywhere in 2020. It is probably going to be on all four iPhone 12 models. The mmWave 5G technology though, will be available at the top two models (Pro and Pro Max) as they are going t be more high-end than the basic models.

Overview on All you need to know about the iPhone 12 

All in all, the newest iPhone will have some pretty good features and it will keep you company for the next years. We hope to see some improvements from Apple, especially regarding the battery life of the iPhone. We also believe that Apple will manage to please most of her users with her new smartphone but we are not that sure about the more demanding ones.

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